Saturday, September 26, 2009

1.12: Boardgame websites you should know about -

New or veteran gamers, if you are not familiar with this site, make a point to visit. was created and is run by Scott "Aldie" Alden, and serves as a database and meeting place for gamers.  The database has tens of thousands of games in it, and better yet, if you somehow manage to think up a board or card game that isn't in the database, you can add it yourself.  Yes, the site's content is user created, including the database. 

The community on BGG (which includes a number of game designers) is generally friendly and helpful as well, and there are a number of groups within the community, assuring that most everyone can find somewhere on the site to hang out.  Contributions are also rewarded with Geekgold, BGG's digital currency.  While many sites allow new members to create their avatar on signing up, BGG instead encourages new members to reach out and contribute by requiring 30 Geekgold to "purchase" the ability to create an avatar.  Your geekgold can also be used for a number of other purposes, including further personalization of your avatar, turning off ads, and also to bid in other members' boardgame auctions.

There are a number of useful features on BGG beyond its database.  Each database entry links to reviews, play sessions, photos, rules clarifications, player aides, and much more.  While a little time consuming if you have a large collection, you are able to use the database to create "Games Owned" list, which allows you to keep track of your collection and add personal info on each entry, as well as "Games wanted," and "For trade" lists, if you are interested in trading boardgames with other BGG members.

The best part of it all, is free.  All the features listed above are free, you simply have to create an account.  The site does accept donations, and that is part of what pays to keep it going; there are some incentives to donate (some geekgold and the ability to permanently turn on Ad-blocker, off the top of my head), and I'm happy to say that I've been a member and "officially" donating since 2006.

As a head's up, Aldie also recently started Geek-do, which links in with a user's BGG account, and includes Roleplaying games.  Anyone interested in boardgames of any era can find useful information on BGG; I use it to keep track of my collection, as well as to keep abreast of upcoming games, and to research before I make a purchase. Anyone interested in seeing BGG in use, feel free to check out my account by clicking right here.

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