Tuesday, April 20, 2010

2.13: So you've decided to design a game?

D had the Ticket to Ride tournament this past week at Alan Moon's Gathering of Friends.  There were 16 competitors, and in the first round only the top eight would proceed into Day 2 of the tournament.  D took 9th place; while I'm proud to say she even made it this far, as her older brother I am required by law to point out that this makes her the first loser.  Regardless, she apparently had a great time, and met some fun people, and has continued to spend a good amount of time mocking me.  On the other hand, she and Danny are now even further ensconced in the boardgaming hobby, so in reality, I win.  

Neener, neener.

I mentioned in last week's post that many gamers add or alter the rules to games they play, or even go so far as to design their own games.  Well, me too.  On the last one. 

I'm not actually sure how much information I should be sharing right now, though as I approach a final product I'll be happy to chat it up as much as possible.  So, instead, I'll discuss a little of the process so far.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

To anyone attending The Gathering

My sister, Mychael (pronounced just like the male "Michael"), is apparently enjoying herself quite a lot at The Gathering, and has been kind enough to continue taunting me (all in good fun), and has even gotten a few people to start sending me messages through Boardgamegeek.com.

So, to anyone currently attending The Gathering, please lend me a hand to return the taunting.  Don't worry, none of this will hurt her feelings, and she'll instantly know that I put you up to this.  First, here's  a photo of her (the gal on the left, obviously).  If you're having trouble finding her, she's apparently being called "The girl with the guy's name."

You can help me simply by telling her someone told you to say one of the following things:
(I'll be adding more as I think of them)

1.  Mychael, Mychael, Motorcycle.  

2.  "What's gonna work?"  (She should respond, "Team work!")

3.  Ask her about Safety goggles and Rukshuk.

Hope you all are enjoying your time at The Gathering.  Don't worry about me, I'm just sitting at home.  Alone.  With no one to game with this weekend.  Excuse me, I have something in both my eyes.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Good Luck, D!

My sister called today--I expected a snotty conversation full of mockery, but instead it was just moderate mockery, as she had just arrived at The Gathering of Friends.  My assumption was that she would have arrived much sooner than when she called, but apparently she slept through her flight.  While not yet on the plane. 

This was my chance for mockery.  Apparently she had a couple hours before her plane departed, so she decided to nap in the terminal right next to the boarding door.  She woke and asked if her plane was boarding, and the lady at the counter told her it had left 20 minutes earlier. 

No problem, D, it's just a once-in-a-lifetime invitation, oh, and you have a tournament you're supposed to attend. 

Right now she's probably playing something really awesome with boardgame industry people.  Curse her.

I'm not sure exactly when the tournament starts, but I wish her luck. 

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

2.12: A convoluted and over the top closing.

Last week I proposed a fictitious but highly realistic scenario in which my house had caught fire, and I had only a short moment to grab three games and escape the house.  I had mentioned that Danny, my brother in law who had proposed this predicament, offered this question in two parts.  My 100% completely successful April Fool's joke took the place of the second post last week, so I'm going to cover the second half of Danny's question this week, starting where we left off.

I have a small armful of games, and now find myself trapped in the loft, a wall of flame separating me from the staircase.  I turn around, already certain that I'll find the same thing keeping me from the window.  Walled in, smoldering pieces of ceiling begin to fall around me--the roof won't hold much longer.  I know I have one chance:  I'll have to sacrifice a few games to distract the fire. 

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Monk-like Life

Well, I've made a decision.  I've cluttered my life with too many things, I have a family to care for, bills to pay, a job I have to attend to every day--sometimes even during the holidays.  There are things that can be trimmed, and less important things go first.

I present you with a photo from my game room:

That's right, I've decided to give my game collection away.  It not only consumes part of my income, but also many hours of my week.  I have donated my collection, so hopefully a number of orphaned children and stray animals will be aided by this act as well.