Monday, January 4, 2010

2.1: A most unwinning beginning of 2010

or "Starting the new year in the middle of the Stone Age"

It's been a busy holiday season; I wish I could say it was 100% restful, but it seems that being away from work brings with it a whole new set of obligations.

On the plus side, time off and time with family means more time for gaming.  We did a bit of gaming on the 25th, had friends and family over for a game day on the 26th, and after an exellent dinner of roast beef on the 31st, we brought in the new year with a game of Stone Age, followed by a very close 5-player game of Small World, where we had a tie for first at 66 points (Jackie and David), a tie for last at 62 points (D and myself), and Danny sitting in the middle with 64 points. 

I should also point out that of the four games played during the transition from 2009 to "Twenty-ten," not only did I not lose three of the four games, but I came in last in every one of the games I lost.  My lone victory was in a filler, a ten minute game called No Thanks!  The biggest loss was a game of Stone Age that began in 2009 and ended in 2010--okay, it was actually two hours, but I lost to two people that had never played the game.  I don't expect to win every game that I play against inexperienced players (though experience can be an advantage), but it's not even as if I can say it was a close game.  Well, it was a close game, for David and Danny, who took first and second, each having around 160 points.  I was around 40 points behind Danny.

Perhaps the worst part, however, was my brother David proclaiming that he was the Chief for the next few days.


Well, that was the end of 2009, thankfully we've already started this year's gaming pretty strong, having already had a game night on January 2nd, which also brought me the title of Chief by crushing my brother David in a 4-player rematch of Stone Age.

In 2010, my goal is to keep a normal posting update, as stated before, once a week Monday or Tuesday.  Also, I may consider efforts to increase reader numbers, and plan to have some guest bloggers do a few posts this year.

Just for fun, let's look at my personal gaming stats for this past year:
  • Total games played:  105 (that's an average of about 2 games a week)
  • Number of different games played:  53
  • Number of games played only once:  34
  • Number of games played 5 or more times: 4 (Small World, Crokinole, Pack & Stack, Wits & Wagers)
  • Number of games played 10 or more times: 0
  • Most played game:  Small World (played 9 times)
  • Most games played in a single day:  8 games, on November 19th (during BGG.Con)
  • Number of different games played:  53
  • Month with most games played:  November with 28 games played (followed by June with 15, then December with 12)
  • Number of blog updates:  25 (I started this thing on June 28th of 2009)


  1. Shouldn't you be used to losing games by now?

  2. Cool breakdown! Hopefully we can help bring up the average on some of those games in "twenty-ten."

  3. Melissa - used to losing games, yes. Used to losing to you, no.

    LB, glad you could make it out for those two game nights. If you're up for doing one of the guest-blogs on either of those visits, that'd be awesome.