Thursday, February 18, 2010

Being bored isn't safe for me...or my family


Something additional, and strange for this week--I realized this week's post was short, so I figured I'd throw this up here.  No comments about sloppiness, I can do better, but did this in about ten minutes; the enlarged jaw on Danny was intentional.  I almost thought about going bigger.

Jackie and I did play a game of Agricola with D and Danny (our second, their first)--the game was longer than expected, partly because we were trying to remember the rules and partly because the game was new to all of us.  I won by a large margin, but don't doubt that the next game will be closer.  Best moment of the game, about half-way through D looks at the board and her cards, and suddenly shouts out, "I just got the game!"

Looking at this, I'm tempted to do a "good" one, print it at Kinkos and hang it on the wall of our loft.


  1. Yeah, you can hang it right next to the picture of me in my Chief's headdress (picture pending).

  2. I heart that picture. I hope you enjoyed dishing out that kick.

  3. LB, we'll print you a copy of that as well.