Thursday, May 13, 2010

2.15: Game Room Rules - Rule #2

I played Uno yesterday.  Uno.  Albeit it was with my little brothers, and they're not exactly gamers yet.  That's probably something I should work on.  Anyway, we were waiting at a restaurant, they had a copy of Uno.  We played, I lost.  Can't seem to catch a break this week.

Also, with a 1:3 record I lost the first round of the 4th Annual Hive tournament on  My opponent, Groo, was an excellent player and I wish him luck--and I'll feel better if he wins the whole thing.  I do, however, have an empty space on my shelf now.  You know, the space I cleared for that trophy...

I also ate tacos yesterday, in case anyone wanted to know.  The slogan goes:  Taco Tuesday, every Wednesday night.  Not really, but that would be awesome.

Rule #1:  Have fun.

Rule #2:  Let your opponent(s) have fun.

We've all done it:  You're losing a game.  Badly.  It seems that everything has gone bad for you this game--your action is always taken just before you grab it, your dudes keep getting killed, and kobolds keep eating your babies.  Now there's no hope of you catching up, despite the end of the game being a good distance away.  Whether it's a sour attitude, moves made to intentionally ruin the game for everyone else, or simple rudeness--as my daughter would say, "That's not necessary."  Of course she says it with the tongue of a two year old, so feel free to fatten up your tongue when you say it.

I don't think anyone does it intentionally--okay, that's not true.  I've met people that do that crap, and I refuse to play with them anymore.  I've got some choice words for those people, and most of them consist of four letters.  Like "dodo head" and "ugly butt."  (man I'm clever).

Let's try that again:  I've done it.  Others I know have done it.  Those that I still play with don't mean to make the experience unpleasant for anyone.  It says something positive about the person that they're invested enough that the game elicits any kind of emotional response, but we've all got to make the effort to enjoy ourselves, even when the game is screwing us.  The dice are always against us, the worst cards come up repeatedly on your turn, you can't get a break no matter what--it happens.  Don't let it get you down, and just as important, don't let it cause you to ruin your friends' enjoyment. 

Statistically speaking, you're going to have a lot of normal games, but you're going to have a few really great games, games where everything goes as planned and Lady Luck is your...uh, I'll try to keep this clean.  Keep in mind, however, that you'll have just as many really, really sucky games.

Enjoy yourself; let your friends enjoy themselves.


Alrighty, everyone have a great week.  I'm running behind on posts lately, but I'm hoping to get the next couple rules out so I have a small buffer of posts.

I'll also be crushing Danny this weekend in whatever boardgames we play, so if you see him let him know.

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