Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Monk-like Life

Well, I've made a decision.  I've cluttered my life with too many things, I have a family to care for, bills to pay, a job I have to attend to every day--sometimes even during the holidays.  There are things that can be trimmed, and less important things go first.

I present you with a photo from my game room:

That's right, I've decided to give my game collection away.  It not only consumes part of my income, but also many hours of my week.  I have donated my collection, so hopefully a number of orphaned children and stray animals will be aided by this act as well.

April Fools!


  1. You almost made me crash my car.

  2. Ha, you didn't fool me for a second! You giving up boardgames is like a fish giving up water.

  3. The trick to an April Fool's Day prank is realism.

    1) You use wire racks for your games.
    2) Your walls are not painted that color.
    3) Your game room isn't lit that well.
    4) You light stray animals on fire and attach them to orphaned children. It wouldn't be in your interest to be nice to them.

  4. LB, that's what I was going for.

    Erin, I'm sorry, I failed you. I'll make a better effort next year.

    1) Correct.
    2) How do you know what color the walls are, you're supposed to look at the *games*. Do I need to ask if you own a weed-wacker?
    3) Solved by 4.