Saturday, April 10, 2010

To anyone attending The Gathering

My sister, Mychael (pronounced just like the male "Michael"), is apparently enjoying herself quite a lot at The Gathering, and has been kind enough to continue taunting me (all in good fun), and has even gotten a few people to start sending me messages through

So, to anyone currently attending The Gathering, please lend me a hand to return the taunting.  Don't worry, none of this will hurt her feelings, and she'll instantly know that I put you up to this.  First, here's  a photo of her (the gal on the left, obviously).  If you're having trouble finding her, she's apparently being called "The girl with the guy's name."

You can help me simply by telling her someone told you to say one of the following things:
(I'll be adding more as I think of them)

1.  Mychael, Mychael, Motorcycle.  

2.  "What's gonna work?"  (She should respond, "Team work!")

3.  Ask her about Safety goggles and Rukshuk.

Hope you all are enjoying your time at The Gathering.  Don't worry about me, I'm just sitting at home.  Alone.  With no one to game with this weekend.  Excuse me, I have something in both my eyes.


  1. ...don't Jackie and the kids still live there?

  2. Yes. But they're not at the Gathering either, nor can they get me in.