Thursday, April 8, 2010

Good Luck, D!

My sister called today--I expected a snotty conversation full of mockery, but instead it was just moderate mockery, as she had just arrived at The Gathering of Friends.  My assumption was that she would have arrived much sooner than when she called, but apparently she slept through her flight.  While not yet on the plane. 

This was my chance for mockery.  Apparently she had a couple hours before her plane departed, so she decided to nap in the terminal right next to the boarding door.  She woke and asked if her plane was boarding, and the lady at the counter told her it had left 20 minutes earlier. 

No problem, D, it's just a once-in-a-lifetime invitation, oh, and you have a tournament you're supposed to attend. 

Right now she's probably playing something really awesome with boardgame industry people.  Curse her.

I'm not sure exactly when the tournament starts, but I wish her luck. 

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