Friday, May 28, 2010

2.17: Game Room Rules - Rule #4

 Ptbbbbbbbbt!  Frrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrb!  Plblblblblblbblblblbllbbblblb!  Plt!  Brrrrrrrrrpbggt.  Vrrrreeeeessssst!  Pblllbrct!  --A message from my intestine.

Let's just say that I've had better weeks.  

Rule #1:  Have fun.
Rule #2:  Let your opponent(s) have fun.
Rule #3:  Play appropriately.

Rule #4:  Remember, it's just a game.

"Oh, you M----- F---er's, this game is stupid!  I can't believe you did that, you ruined the game!  I'm going to beat your a--!"

One, if you are a boardgamer, chances are you can not beat my anything, what with your pasty eternal indoors-ness and all.  (Okay, that's not a fair assessment of boardgamers, most actually do stuff outside the house, not like those computer gamers...)

Two, apparently you couldn't even beat me in the boardgame.  So bleh (that's the sound I make when I stick out my tongue mockingly).

Three, it's just a game.  I don't remember putting any money on it, and I definitely don't remember putting any personal property or lives on the game. 

Four, eat some fiber and chill out.

It is just a game.  I appreciate that you get involved enough, invested enough, into a game that it evokes any kind of emotion from you.  On the other hand, there's no need to act like an ass.  I understand that some games are set up such that it's difficult not to feel betrayed.  I'll cite Diplomacy--there are a thousand references on BGG ( of friendships, and even marriages, being ruined by this game.  But it's a game, and you should understand that when you sat down to play this game, you agreed to be a part of the shennanigans.

This is the kind of thing I would remove someone from my house for, forcefully if need be.  It's never happened, I don't want it to happen.  The people I play with I've known for years, long enough that I doubt anything like this will ever happen.  I have had people get upset during a game, I've even had someone throw pieces at me (I love you, Jackie), and certain low-level degrees of this are, if not acceptable, at least understandable.  Part of really enjoying a game is putting yourself into a game, and that involvement brings with it emotion, and a sense of victory or loss--but this should all be enjoyable (see the previous three rules).  Crossing into an area where feelings or worse can be injured is unnecessary.

And if you throw my game and lose or damage pieces, I'll be pissed.  Okay, not really, but I won't be happy with you.


Hopefully something good coming up at the end of the month.   I've gotten a little gaming in this past week, but hope to have a lot more time this Sunday.   

Congratulations, Jackie!  Graduation ceremony completed, and only 8 more weeks until you are actually done with your degree.  You're almost there, Hon!


  1. "I have had people get upset during a game, I've even had someone throw pieces at me"

    Were those pieces actual (actually fake) rocks, like the ones thrown at me? Well, Mychael threw the rocks in the general direction of my TV, not at me. But the TV is an extension of me so it was like she threw them at my soul.

    Can you imagine what would happen if we ever threw a game piece at them in anger? It would result in physical injury to us. Well, at least it would for you. I'm a lot bigger than Mychael and her Kung Fu is not strong.

  2. Actually the pieces that got thrown at him were hexagonal piece from ingenious, and they were thrown by me. (He has not played the game since with me). In reference to what would happen to Lucio, just ask Mychael what happened when she hit Lucio.

  3. Odiejas1:
    We have played Ingenious since, at least one time recently, and I believe we actually played it again on the same day you threw the pieces.

    I feel your pain about the television. By the way, I never said the pieces thrown hit me--I actually caught them mid-air with a pair of chopsticks I always carry with me.