Tuesday, June 8, 2010

2.18: Game Room Rules - Rule #5

I'm trying not to be rude or opinionated as I present these rules, well, I'm trying to be as objective as possible.  I'm normally a mellow guy (and I'll kill anyone who says otherwise!), but I think this and some of the following rules will come off a little...grumpy.  Probably because the next few involve common courtesy, and I'm cultivating my "get off my lawn" voice in preparation for retirement. You know, thirty years from now.

Rule #1:  Have fun.
Rule #2:  Let your opponent(s) have fun.
Rule #3:  Play appropriately.

Rule #4:  Remember, it's just a game.

Rule #5: Take care of my crap/other people's crap. 

I'm sure I've mentioned this in several previous posts.  My games are to be played, not just look totally awesome on my shelves.  I expect my games are going to experience wear and tear, I even expect some kind of accident to happen--speaking of which, my sister once dropped one of the games I was loaning her right in front of me, the look on her face was great; I think she expected me to explode at her.  I admit that in the past I've been a little excessive in my manner toward taking care of my games, but after some soul searching and a vision quest, I realized that it's ridiculous.  Okay, none of that happened, I just decided that it's wasteful to have a shelf-full of games that sit around--better they be ruined while being played than to sit around and be eaten my moths and silverfish.  And ninjas--little known fact, in addition to pirates, boardgames are the ninja's nemesis.  

What's not okay?  Tossing the game around, bending or folding cards (or doing other unnecessary things to a deck of cards/single cards--this one's big with me), or even looking at Cheetos while you play games.  I do make an effort to limit what snacks are on hand when playing at my house, and watch what I'm eating when someone else's games are involved.  Drinks are something I don't worry about--unless you're drinking acetone, there's not much difference between spilling water or soda on a game.  It hasn't happened yet, but inevitably it will--when it does, I'm sure I'll take it in stride. 

Basically, I simply ask that the games be taken care of--don't do anything dumb.  Take care of it as if it were yours.  The boardgames I've purchased are an investment in entertainment, an investment for myself, my family and friends.  Boardgaming is my biggest hobby, but it's just that, a hobby.  If something gets ruined, I promise I won't kill you.  Unless you were acting dumb, in which case I promise pain.  Or a dirty look.


Blah blah blah, new rule coming next week.  I promise it will be full of rainbow puppies and compliments.


  1. Wait, so I'm NOT allowed to eat the dice?

  2. You can eat the dice if:

    1. They are not wooden dice.
    2. You promise to give them back the next day.